Fold at Bridgewater State University

Anderson Gallery
November 9- December 3, 2015

Kent Rowgowski explores the diverse possibilities found within a simple sheet of folded paper. Through the careful observation and lighting of his subject, the artist creates a complex illusion that at first glance harkens to the Modernism of the early 20th Century. This seeming historical trompe l’oeil however is a series of subtle inspections involving texture and the nature of illumination which create a delicate beauty that focus on the materiality of light on a folded paper surface.

Landmark: The Fields of Photography

I’m very excited to be included in a new book published by Thames and Hudson. Landmark: The Fields of Photography, by Bill William A. Ewing.

The first truly international survey of a vibrant, burgeoning field, its masterful twenty-first-century practitioners and their work. A thought-provoking meditation on the meaning of landscape in today’s world.

Landmark: The Fields of Photography