Vice Commissioned me to create the cover for the 2016 Fiction Issue. Check out the making of the cover video here: Watch

Fabulous Failures @ Arles 2016

Arles, France
July 4 – September 25, 2016

Nowadays most art, design and photography portrays perfection. Contemporary popular culture is drowning under a tidal wave of superficiality and over-perfection. Posed, polished and controlled. As if it were a reflection of our endless search for clarity and calmness and an antidote for the chaos in our lives. Digital techniques has created an abundance of images. We shoot and shoot until we get it right. The imperfect pictures get deleted and the good ones get a filter or a touchup. In our perfection-obsessed culture we shy away from errors and that is, in my humble opinion, a disaster. Luckily failing is something artists and photographers more and more take as a subject for their work. This exhibition shows a large overview of the best fabulous failures found in contemporary art, design and photography, made by a group of artists that like to fight perfection, embrace serendipity and search for fabulous failures.

Arles 2016 – Les Rencontres De La Photographie

New Publications

I’m excited to be included in two great new books Failed it & The Art of Collage 2
Blue Sky Books has also published a print on demand catalog from my show at the gallery: Love & Everything.

Landmark: The Fields of Photography

I’m very excited to be included in a new book published by Thames and Hudson. Landmark: The Fields of Photography, by Bill William A. Ewing.

The first truly international survey of a vibrant, burgeoning field, its masterful twenty-first-century practitioners and their work. A thought-provoking meditation on the meaning of landscape in today’s world.

Landmark: The Fields of Photography